TopXNotes for Mac Changelog

TopXNotes for Mac

TopXNotes 1.8.0

What's new in TopXNotes 1.8.0

June 24, 2014
New Features
  • The TopXNotes system now includes an iOS component which often needs to be changed in parallel with TopXNotes Mac. Therefore, there will often be a "paired release" -- updates of the iOS version and the Mac version that are released simultaneously. In the future, messages will appear on the previous version of TopXNotes touch if it needs to be updated to work with the current version of TopXNotes Mac, and vice versa.
  • There is a new Preference (Device Preference, panel 6) to choose between "sync all notes", or just those you wish. The latter uses the sync category as before this version; the former ignores the "sync" category and syncs all notes.
  • Network TCP/IP framework used by sync code has been completely rewritten with major parts replaced and upgraded to be more stable and much faster.
Changed Features
  • Find now active even if a note is not selected.
  • So called "Polish fix" added to better deal with accents and other features of Slavic languages.
  • TopXNotes Mac now checks for compatible Sync services on Mac and iOS device and will not attempt sync between incompatible versions. If you suspect a problem be sure you have the current versions on iOS and Mac.
  • Updated Tips Samples
  • Sync button tooltip now changes with Sync all notes preferences setting.
  • Changed all references to iPhone to iOS Devices in Sync window and removed iPhone from File menu.
  • When focus is in the NoteOrganizer, the "iOS Sync" button in the main toolbar is now updated.
  • Change file merge and sync to report number of notes duplicated, which is caused by changing a note on both the Mac and iOS device between syncs.
  • Change file merge and sync to report number of notes restored, which is caused by deleting a note on only the Mac or iOS device, but not both, between syncs.
  • Fixed several memory issues in sync code.
  • Fixed backwards compatibility defect so groups exported from 1.8 can be imported into version 1.7.5.
  • Fixed problem of Sync not updating iOS notepad even though Sync appears to have ended normally. Problem occurred when iOS notepad was so large that the connection timed-out during transmission to iOS.
  • Increased iOS UDID storage to accommodate Apple changes in UDID storage. Resolved incorrect report of Adding all notes on first sync after product upgrade.
  • Restored and repaired style checkmark for button menu.
  • Menus now always correctly show a checkmark for all the styles as appropriate.
  • Upper note controls now appear on program start when focus has not yet been set.
  • Note page numbers now update correctly after sync.
  • Note background page color now showing if note duplicated by sync.
  • Page color now rendered if note has a password.
  • Fixed longstanding conflict between Apple's Login items and our attempts to prevent launching twice.
  • All notes in samples now load after update to file format interpretation.
  • Find should no longer require a click in a view before opening; multiple instances of the Find should not happen.
  • Issue that caused "OK" to be disabled in Preferences fixed.
  • Issue that caused a checkbox in the 6th Preference (Devices) tab to be disabled in Preferences fixed.
  • SaveNoteGroup now works correctly.